Migration of a SaaS application to AWS in less than a month to enter the European market. Bivizio




AWS Cloud consulting services


Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route 53, AWS CDK, ECR, ECS, RDS

The Problem

To enable deployment in Europe for the solution

Bivizio is a platform that supports smart specialization strategies and value chain development. The system allows for the management of key business indicators, strategic assets, and external expertise providers. Bivizio enables the digitization and mapping of an entire urban, sectoral, or regional ecosystem with its own classification. It also enables networking of different ecosystems to create synergy based on collaboration and coordination among various stakeholders, as well as the valorization of territorial strengths. The possibility of reaching new markets, especially in Europe, brings new challenges in deploying and managing the Bivizio platform. How to simplify its deployment in multiple regions worldwide without adding extra work to the Bivizio developer teams?

The solutions

Creating an 'infrastructure as code' using AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit).

Creating an ‘infrastructure as code’ using AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit) to deploy infrastructure in multiple regions worldwide. The infrastructure using Docker containers allows for scalability, automatically adapting to traffic load. The entire solution was set up in a fully automated DevOps environment. Updates are automatically performed in each region worldwide without service interruptions for users. Additionally, a local development environment has been created to enable offline development of the solution, which facilitates the development of new features by developers.

The results

Automatic deployment of the solution in multiple regions.

Following the migration to AWS, the following improvements have been noticed: Automatic deployment (without manual intervention) of the solution in multiple regions; Easier scalability of the solution architecture (integration of serverless micro-services); Updates are performed automatically; Updates are performed without service interruptions; Databases are now better secured; Access to backup copies in case of issues; Enables quick rollback in case of problems.


"They have done a fabulous job in setting up our AWS environment. They really know the different products and helped us choose the ones that meet our requirements. I highly recommend them, and I wouldn't hesitate to work with their team again. "