Cloud Native Application Development Create applications to turn your ideas into reality.

We develop web or mobile applications designed from the outset for the cloud.

This approach optimizes costs, performance, security, reliability, and simplifies the global distribution of the solution.

Cloud application development offers incredible opportunities for businesses.

They provide you access to the same technologies as Netflix, Airbnb, and Google. Whether it's for a web or mobile application, we can assist you. In today's world, competition is stronger than ever. Cloud development allows you to quickly add features and deploy them globally while keeping your hosting and maintenance costs very low.

What we call ‘Cloud Native’ development is a new way of thinking about software development, placing cloud architecture at the core of the thought process to maximize its benefits for your organization. This approach will have no equal when it comes to the security of your application, its deployment capability, its reliability, and also in terms of development costs.

By opting for a ‘Cloud Native’ approach, you will fully leverage the cloud:

  • Cost savings
  • Simplified disaster management
  • Reduced complexity
  • Increased security
  • Becoming global
  • Remaining flexible


When working with Unicorne, your team collaborates closely with our multidisciplinary specialists to create the best possible product. This is what we call TaaS: Team as a Service.

Your team brings the knowledge and vision of your business domain. We add our expertise and experience in technologies to it. Together, we achieve incredible results!

Cloud Native Application Development Our method

Our Agile development methodology emphasizes adaptive planning and evolutionary development while enabling a quick return on investment and maximum flexibility during your project.

Our approach is divided into 3 simple stages, based on an iterative methodology focused on continuous improvement.

Definition and design

This stage allows for confirming the decisions and technological choices established during the initial requirements gathering.

This is where our team assists you in defining the necessary features for your product and creating an exceptional user experience.

  • Requirements definition workshops
  • UX Design – Wireframes
  • UI Design – Visual product identity


After the definition and design stage, a budget and timeline review is planned to confirm the initial assessments and adjust the included features.

This stage allows us to define a strategy for continuous delivery with you, as well as the priority of different deliverables.

  • Revised estimates
  • Project roadmap and timelines

Continuous delivery

Following a simple framework in which our team can deliver complex, high-quality products, this final stage enables the delivery of your project.

Our development cycles are incremental and iterative. As a result, stages 2 and 3 can overlap based on features to maximize team efficiency and add value to your project.

  • Frequent deliveries during development and inspection
  • Bi-weekly progress demonstrations
  • Adaptations and corrections based on client feedback
  • DevOps processes
  • Automated testing