Managed Cloud Service Free yourself from the burden of managing your cloud infrastructure

Our AWS cloud infrastructure management service offers you a comprehensive solution for maintaining maximum control over your cloud environment, making the most of the advantages offered by AWS.

Built to streamline the workflow of your organization's teams, it provides a cost-effective alternative to hiring specialists.

With our services, you can benefit from our extensive knowledge of AWS infrastructure management, while taking advantage of our advanced, automated tools. These tools significantly facilitate infrastructure monitoring. So you can remain focused on your key operations, while maintaining the stability and performance of your cloud environment.

Our cloud managed services are available on an annual subscription basis, which may be paid on a monthly basis. This can facilitate cost management throughout the year, allowing your organization to budget efficiently.



Our team of experts maintains constant vigilance, reacting instantly to potential incidents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We make use of our own incident management platform to provide comprehensive tracking of the work carried out by our team, guaranteeing complete accountability.


Backup Management

We establish and manage robust backup strategies, ensuring the protection of critical data. Our tools will automatically alert you if backups are no longer valid, or are no longer being saved in accordance with predefined configurations, guaranteeing the integrity of your data.


Cost Monitoring

Through constant monitoring, we continuously optimize the costs of your AWS infrastructure. By identifying atypical behavior, it aims to avoid unexpected charges and allow proactive management.



Access control is secured and streamlined to ensure optimal protection of sensitive data. 
We enforce robust security policies to track and monitor access to cloud resources.


Security and Compliance Monitoring

We provide continuous monitoring of security and compliance with standards such as CIS Benchmark 2.0, ISO 27001, or Soc2 Type 2 using our automated tools. This proactive monitoring ensures that your infrastructure remains in compliance with the strictest security standards at all times.


Recovery Testing

Regular recovery tests are conducted to ensure swift recovery in case of disasters. Business continuity plans are developed and tested to minimize downtime.


Application Monitoring

Performance monitoring of applications in your cloud infrastructure, ensured by our automated tools, identifies potential issues before they affect the user experience. Work tickets are automatically generated in case of alerts, classified by priority. Depending on the agreement, our experts or client teams can handle these work tickets.


Infrastructure Monitoring

The health and performance of the infrastructure are constantly evaluated by our automated tools. Hundreds of checks are performed on all services used in your AWS infrastructure to detect potential issues, such as disk and memory shortages. Work tickets are automatically created in response to alerts, with priority-based classification. Depending on the agreement, our experts or client teams can manage these work tickets.


Periodic Architecture Review

We conduct architecture reviews to ensure alignment with best practices and your business goals, evolving your infrastructure to meet new requirements and technologies.


Cost Optimization Recommendations

Using in-depth analysis, we identify cost optimization opportunities, suggesting appropriate adjustments to maximize operational efficiency without compromising performance.



Our experts make sure you stay focused on your business objectives by adjusting managed services with your teams on a monthly basis. This ensures that your technology infrastructure remains aligned with your strategy.